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Designed for the efficient passenger who hates waiting in the rain or snow.

Available now on iOS, Android, and Web

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An easy to use application that is not distracting to the driver, while providing all necessary live information.

Available now to PinPoint Transit partners.

Route Selection. Or, Routes. Plural

You have the option to view either one, or both, of the Clarion Area Transit Routes. And what's better than getting to pick? Having the app remember the next time you open it so that you can get to the important information even faster.

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All Map. Why make something difficult?

Passenger puts the focus on the map. That way you can see where the buses are, you can see all the pickups, and you can select as many of the pickups as you want.

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Set your own refresh rates. It's your data. Use how much you want; when you want.

Maybe you don't care to see the bus markers move. Maybe you don't want to know within seconds of when the bus will arrive. Maybe you want just the opposite of both! Either way, you're in control with how often vehicles and ETAs refresh.

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